What Others Are Saying!

"Our students and faculty thoroughty enjoyed your presentation. Students connected so well. I'm glad you brought the original manuscrips in a suitcase. it certainly brought to life just how much work and time go into a book. Thank you very much!!"
- teacher, Alabama Christian Academy

"The audience gained insight into the author’s inspiration for the book and was spellbound by her powerful readings from the book and other historical documents." - O.V. Brantley, Wine & Words (Atlanta, GA)

"Mrs. Latham was one of the best we’ve ever had." - Jeff Roberts, Berry Middle School

"...very informative... I love the suitcase example of editing and the examples of research that she had to complete. She did a terrific job!" - Chris Peterson, Berry Middle School

"...most engaging ... I learned so much about Alabama and its rich history. I love the idea of the quilts tied in with it all... What a wonderful and very concrete presentation she made. " - Cheryl Thomas, Berry Middle School

"I have to tell you, the experience in Skyping and speaking with Irene Latham was fantastic! I think you and I have discussed the fact that my current goals are in the teaching profession and more specifically in becoming a librarian for elementary aged children. I chose these goals because I love to read. However, I now have a new found appreciation for the depth and scope of reading that a young reader will appreciate and I owe that to your class and our discussion with Ms. Latham. I am so excited about the future not only for myself but for my future students. Thank you for such a great experience!"

Christy, student, New Mexico State University

Not only is Irene Latham a wonderful author … she is a captivating, entertaining speaker. Irene presented to each of our 6th, 7th and 8th graders at separate grade level assemblies today – speaking of the writing process along with the historical setting of Leaving Gee’s Bend – her historical novel set in Gee’s Bend, Alabama in the year 1932.

Complete with detailed and thought provoking visual presentations, our students were carried back in time ….. absorbing the culture and history of this area of our state in somewhat close proximity to Birmingham …………. but yet so far away.

Numerous teachers, administrators, counselors and students each expressed how much they enjoyed Irene Latham’s author visit to Pizitz --- no question about it, a HUGE success!

Ann W. Knight
Library/Media Specialist
Pizitz Middle School

The Riverhill community (students, parents, and staff) was captivated during Mrs. Latham’s presentation. The students were actively involved as they learned about the lengthy process (from finding the inspiration for a book to its actual publication) that an author must endure. While discussing the research that goes into writing a novel such as Leaving Gee’s Bend, Mrs. Latham used vivid pictures to help the audience understand what life would have been like in Gee’s Bend, Alabama during the 1930’s. We were blessed to have had Mrs. Latham visit us as her presentation was enjoyable, insightful, and inspirational. - Holly Jolly, Media Specialist, Riverhill School, Florence, AL

Irene Latham is a lovely young woman whom I'm very glad to have met. She told us practically the story of her life, showed us a little "book" she wrote as a child, and related how she came to write Leaving Gee's Bend, including the six-year process of writing, rewriting, and getting it published. - Sourwood Mountain [ Read More ]

This was a most enjoyable program, featuring a fine story for all ages, as well as interesting conversation about Alabama history, the art of quilting and the art of writing, from a charming and talented author. - Ramey Channel[ Read More ]

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